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Blumenkrantz, Nelly, PhD 1960GIACentro de Endocrinologia National Health Department Buenos Aires Not Applicable
Boatright, Jeffrey, PhD 1995GIAEmory University Not Applicable
Bocci, Jerrold, UnderGrad 1961SFUniversity of California San Francisco Not Applicable
Bodeker, MacDara, PhD 1997PDUniversity of California San Francisco David W. Stretavan, PhD
Bodis-Wollner, Ivan, MD 1982GIAMount Sinai School of Medicine Not Applicable
Bodis-Wollner, Ivan, MD 1977GIAMount Sinai School of Medicine Not Applicable
Boesze-Battaglia, Kathleen, PhD 2003GIAUniversity of Pennsylvania Not Applicable
Boesze-Battaglia, Kathleen, PhD 1993GIAUniversity of Pennsylvania Not Applicable
Boesze-Battaglia, Kathleen, PhD 1989PDUniversity of Pennsylvania Arlene Albert, PhD
Bohm, Kelley 2015SSFWeill Cornell Medical College Not Applicable
Bohnsack, Brenda, MD, PhD 2010PDUniversity of Michigan Alon Kahana, MD, PhD
Bok, Dean, PhD 1968GIAUniversity of California Los Angeles / Jules Stein Eye Institute Not Applicable
Bolisetty, Keerthana 2012SFOSU Eye and Ear Institute Cynthia Roberts
Bollinger, Glen, MD 1977PDBoston University Medical Center Allan Kupferman
Boothe, Ronald, PhD 1974PDUniversity of Washington Jennifer Lund, PhD
Boreman, Glenn, PhD 1993GIAUniversity of Central Florida Not Applicable
Borisuth, Navaneet, BA 1993SFUniversity of Chicago Ramesh C. Tripathi
Borowy, Christine, UnderGrad 2003SFRetina Foundation of the Southwest Eileen E. Birch, PhD
Bosch, Jacobus, MD 2006PDUniversity of Maryland Suzzane Ostrand-Rosenberg
Bosco, Alejana, PhD 2008GIAUniversity of Utah / Moran Eye Center Not Applicable
Bosco, Alejana, DSc 1999PDUniversity of California Santa Barbara Benjamin E. Reese, PhD
Bosley, Thomas, MD 1982PDWills Eye Institute Hospital Norman Schatz, PhD
Bosworth, Rain, BA 1997SFUniversity of California San Diego Keren R. Dobkins
Bosworth, Brian, UnderGrad 1992SFNorth Shore University Hospital Samuel Packer
Botelho, Stella Yates, MD 1964GIAUniversity of Pennsylvania Not Applicable

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