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Bautista, Claire, UnderGrad 1991SFUniversity of South Florida Alvin Wells
Beach, Krista 2011Summer Student FellowshipsUniversity of Houston, College of Optometry Deborah C. Otteson, PhD
Bean, William, UnderGrad 1959SFTulane University Fred Schueller and Monte G. Holland, Phd/MD
Beard, Margaret, PhD 1973GIAUniversity of Oregon Not Applicable
Bearse, Marcus, PhD 1994PDSmith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute Erich E. Sutter
Beene, Lauren 2012SFCleveland Clinic Elias Traboulsi
Beggs, Alan, PhD 1994GIAChildren's Hospital, Boston Not Applicable
Beggs, Alan, PhD 1993GIAChildren's Hospital, Boston Not Applicable
Beglova, Ekaterina 2011Summer Student FellowshipsBoston University, School of Medicine Sayon Roy, PhD
Behlau, Irmgard, MD 2008GIAHarvard University / Schepens Eye Research Institute Not Applicable
Behrens, Ashley, MD 2006GIAJohns Hopkins University / Wilmer Eye Institute Not Applicable
Beier, Corinne 2015SSFUniversity of California Santa Cruz Alexander Sher, PhD
Beighle, Richard, UnderGrad 1961SFUniversity of Oregon Not Applicable
Beighle, Richard, UnderGrad 1960SFUniversity of Oregon Robert Burns, MD
Belkin, Michael, MD 1974GIAHadassah Medical Organization Not Applicable
Bellhorn, Margaret, PhD 1973GIAMontefiore Medical Center Not Applicable
Bellner, Lars 2014GIANew York Medical College Not Applicable
Beltran, William, DVM,MS,PhD 2007GIAUniversity of Pennsylvania Not Applicable
Beltran, William, DVM,MS,PhD 2006GIAUniversity of Pennsylvania Not Applicable
Benador, Ilan Y., UnderGrad 2009SFBoston University Medical Center Anne B. Fulton, PhD
Benezra, Miriam, PhD 2004GIAMount Sinai School of Medicine Not Applicable
Bennett, Vicki, PhD 2004PDWest Virginia University Peter H.Mathers
Bennett, James A., UnderGrad 1977SFUniversity of California Riverside Robert Birge
Bennett, Thomas, BA 1974GIAUniversity of Illinois Not Applicable
Benoit, Richard P., UnderGrad 1957SFHarvard Medical School / Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary Alfred Marshack PhD, W stone MD, PhD/ MD

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