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2018 Fight for Sight Grant Applicant Information

2018 FFS/NANOS Award: Due September 15, 2017
In partnership with NANOS, the North American Neuro-Ophthalmology Society, a $3,000 Summer Student Fellowship is available for neurology or ophthalmology residents or fellows pursuing academic research
in neuro-ophthalmology, supplemented by a $1,500 travel award to present research findings at the NANOS annual meeting.

2018 Post-Doctoral Awards and Grants-in-Aid: Due November 15, 2017
Post-Doctoral Awards are designed to individuals with a doctorate (PhD, DrPH, MD, OD or DVM) who are interested in careers in basic or clinical research in ophthalmology. These one year awards of $22,500 support eye and vision research under the supervision of a senior scientist/clinician mentor.
Grants-in-Aid are intended to fund pilot projects and generate preliminary results for junior faculty who have limited or no other research funding. FFS Grants-in-Aid are $22,500 for one year. The majority of our Grant-in-Aid recipients go on to compete for larger, multi-year awards from NIH or other governmental and private funding sources utilizing data culled through FFS’s Grant-in-Aid.

There is eye disease specific funding available in all FFS grant categories from funding partners including International Retinal Research Foundation, Glaucoma Research Foundation, American Macular Degeneration Foundation and Aniridia Foundation International, among others.
Please refer to the grant website for more information.

2018 Fight for Sight-Lirot Summer Student Fellowship: Due December 31, 2017
A $2,500 grant to support a clinical research project done in Israel by an undergraduate or graduate
student under the supervision of a senior mentor.

2018 Fight for Sight Summer Student Fellowships: Due Febuary 15, 2018
Summer Student Fellowships are available to undergraduate, graduate and medical students from the United States interested in pursuing eye-related or basic research. These $2,500 grants are given for 2-3 months of full-time research, usually done during July-August, under the supervision of a faculty mentor. Awardees must carry out the research while enrolled in a course of study at the sponsoring institution.
Students receiving stipends from other sources are generally not eligible.

FFS's portal for 2018 Post-Doctoral Awards, Grants-in-Aid and Summer Student Fellowships will be open on October 1, 2017. It may be accessed through our website application page.

All applications must be completed and submitted by midnight Eastern Time on the dates cited above.


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